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There are prescribed regulations concerning with purchasing condominium in Thailand under Section 19 of the Condominium Act quote that "An alien shall present evidence of bringing foreign currency into the Kingdom for an amount not less than the sale price of condominium unit."

There are two means to bring foreign currency into the Kingdom:

1. By transferring into the developer's Bank account, and specifying the purpose of transferring money that the purpose is to purchase condominium unit, which you have to write it in transaction form. Bank will issue the FET (Foreign Exchange Transaction Form). You have to present FET Form when transferring the property at land office in Thailand.

2.  By bringing foreign currency by yourself, as soon as you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, please immediately contact Thai Customs in order to inform the bringing of foreign currency, amount of currency and purpose of bringing foreign currency which is to purchase condominium unit.
Thai Customs will issue the certificate of bringing foreign currency. Afterward, present such certificate including your passport and your marriage certificate when transferring the property at land office in Thailand.

Therefore, showing all evidences to officer is the regulation prior procedure of transferring ownership.