Public Land Management

​ ​Land is limited resources while number of population is gradually increase as well as economy and society is continually growing. As a result, people gradually encroach on public land which leads to

Public-Land-Management.jpg​conflict with government sector. The government, therefore, has resolved this problem by prescribing land use policy in order to allocate public waste land to the people for their livelihood. Ministry of Interior has designated Department of Lands to set up “the Public Land Allocation Project for Poverty Eradication” with the objectives to allocate land for living and generating income in order to eradicate poverty since 2004 by selecting public land parcel which it was terminated for the mutual utilization of the people and that land partly or all are encroached, the encroacher must be poor people and has no land or not enough cultivated land. They must accept the implementation under the integrated social and poverty problem policy. Local Administrative Organization or District Office shall verify the encroached land parcel for submitting to the Governor.
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Department of Lands shall allocate the public land at the same location and area as previously occupied by such people. Each plot of land, which was allocated, shall not exceed 15 rai (6 acres). Each governor shall issue the temporary permission certificate under the Ministry of Interior Regulation on the Permission for People in Utilizing Public Land B.E. 2547 (2004) to the allocated land, the permission certificate shall valid for 5 consecutive years from the date of issuance and be able to renew the permission by paying remuneration to Local Administrative Organization with the rate that not exceed 1,000 Baht (mostly 10, 20 or 100 Baht/Rai/Year as stipulated by Local Administrative Organization). From fiscal year 2004 – 2013, such land has allocated for people with the amount of 99,326 parcels to 83,679 households, approximately land area of 347,583 rai in 57 provinces. ​ ​